About Konyn Ranch

The Konyn Ranch is located at 27634 Valley Center Road, Valley Center, CA 92082 in San Diego County. It is situated at the northwest corner of the intersection of Valley Center Road and Mirar De Valle, with approximately 2,030± linear feet along the former and 1,280± linear feet of frontage along the latter.

Highlights of this Development Opportunity include:

  • 68.51± gross acres, with 66.71± acres after access and use easements are deducted
  • Village Core Mixed Use (30 units/acre) and Village Residential (7.3 units/acre) Land Use designations
  • 20 Equivalent Dwelling Units (EDUs) have been secured for future wastewater service
  • Traffic count of 24,900 average daily trips (per 2010 Linscott, Law, Greenspan Engineers study)
  • Structures and agricultural use provide interim income

Extensive information about this offering is available in the Offering Memorandum.