Area Profile

Valley Center is a bedroom community that has retained its small town character despite its recent growth from a rural, predominantly agricultural area. Today, the rolling hills are populated by a mix of executive view homes, avocado and citrus groves, undisturbed lands, and other uses. Residents of the community have access to a number of schools, a golf course, and some smaller retail services, though major services are typically found in the city of Escondido to the south.

San Diego County’s recently adopted General Plan update included a Community Plan that specifically addressed the Valley Center area. The goal of this Community Plan mirrors that of the overarching General Plan – to foster intelligent future growth by clustering more intensive uses in defined areas while preventing impractical growth or encroachment into semi-rural and rural areas. One goal of Valley Center’s Community Plan is to create “two economically viable and socially vibrant Villages where dense residential uses, as well as commercial and industrial uses, are contained.” The Konyn Ranch property is at the center of the South Village node, and the North Village is about one mile north along Valley Center Road, at the Cole Grade Road Intersection.

Valley Center has good regional access to/from Escondido to the south, at the intersection of Interstate 15 and Highway 78, and Pauma Valley to the north, through which Highway 76 runs. Commercial air service is available at the McClellan-Palomar Airport in Carlsbad (18± radial miles west) and San Diego International Airport (34± radial miles south).

According to information sourced from Claritas, between 2000 and 2012, the Valley Center community (92082 zip code) grew at a relatively robust compound rate of 2.1% per year to 20,955 residents. Over the same period, the average household income grew at a compound rate of about 2.2%, to an estimated $94,459 in 2012. Continued population and income growth are forecast for the area in the future.

In 2011, Valley Center residents spent about $308 million on retail goods (including food and drink), and demand is expected to grow to over $356 million in 2016 – an increase of approximately 15.6%. As shown in the Opportunity Gap Analysis, in 2011, the revenues of retail providers in the 92082 zip code totaled only around $64 million, indicating that the community is severely underserved by the existing commercial establishments. Over 79% of the community’s retail needs – approximately $244 million – are satisfied outside of Valley Center. Significant opportunities exist for grocers ($40.3 million gap), drug stores ($19.7 million gap), and restaurants ($22.6 million gap) to capture business from the local population.

As shown on the Zoning Map, the Ranch has three zoning designations – S90 (Holding Area), RR (Rural Residential), and RV (Variable Family Residential). The County anticipates that the S90 zoning would be changed to an appropriate designation during an entitlement process to accommodate a development that is consistent with the General Plan Land Use Designation.

General Plan
In 2011, San Diego County adopted a comprehensive General Plan update whose purpose is to establish future growth and development patterns for the County’s unincorporated areas. The Ranch falls within the South Village node of the Valley Center community. Because the Konyn Ranch includes the majority of Valley Center’s Village Core Mixed Use designated land (30 units/gross acre), it represents the rare opportunity to develop a property that sits at the heart of the emerging Village Center. Additionally, the site’s northern portion contains Village Residential (VR-7.3 – 7.3 units/gross acre) designated land that will allow for single-family residential development. A portion of the property along Moosa Creek is designated as Rural Lands (RL -20), which allows only one unit per 20 acres; however, this area generally appears to correspond with the flood plain area.

Entitlement Process
To entitle a project on the subject site that is consistent with the current General Plan Land Use designations, both a Site Plan Review and a Rezone will be required. These two discretionary approvals can be processed concurrently. An initial Consultation Meeting is recommended by County Land Use & Development Services staff before beginning an entitlement process. The process will consist of 1. a Major Project Pre-Application Meeting, 2. Valley Center Design Review Board approval, 3. Valley Center Planning Group approval, 4. County Planning Commission approval, 5. County Board of Supervisors approval.